Guide to Selling

There are many reasons you may be looking to sell your home or condo. You may be looking for a more convenient neighbourhood, more space to raise your family, or you may be preparing to downsize. You are also likely looking forward to the profit you may be able to make once you’ve sold. Selling your home can be exciting, but you will also need to make several important decisions.


The staff and sales representatives at Royal LePage Performance Realty understand what you go through when you sell your home. We are committed to every client who lists their home with us, and we go the extra mile to ensure home owners are advised on every detail – from staging and showing their home to accepting an offer. When you work with a trained sales representative, you will have access to the latest real estate market conditions in Ottawa, to be sure you’re listing your house at the right price.  We will ensure your home receives full exposure and is advertised with the strength of our nationally recognized brand. We also have all the tools required to help walk you through the process of accepting an offer and preparing for your closing. While we can offer all of this, we can even assist you with the search for your next home.


Whether you are looking to sell your house, condo, or investment property, selling real estate can seem like a complicated process. When you list your home with Royal LePage Performance Realty you can find comfort in the knowledge that we will do everything we can to get you the full price your home is worth, while at the same time helping to ease you through the process from beginning to end.

Step One: WWR

Sellers can save money, time and frustration when they choose to list their house or condo with a licensed sales representative. The Realtors® at Royal LePage Performance Realty have extensive market experience and will work to promote your home under the nationally recognized Royal LePage brand. No one understands Ottawa real estate better than Performance sales representatives! They can also walk you through the often stressful processes of accepting an offer and preparing to move.


When you work with Royal LePage Performance Realty, you will sign agency documents that allow your sales representative to pursue your interests with loyalty and care. Agency agreements are legally binding, meaning that your Realtor® will be representing your interests under the law.  Your protection under agency law will ensure that your Realtor® lists your home at the right price and offers you complete confidentiality.


Your sales representative will help you understand the value of your home by sharing their market experience with you. When it comes time to decide on a list price, sellers receive full property profiles and home marketing analyses, based entirely on the Ottawa real estate market. Our Realtors® also come prepared with all the tips to set and stage your home in a way that will attract the most buyers. Your property will be marketed to its full potential, with lawn signs, professional flyers, post-cards and print advertisements showcasing your home.


When you list your house or condo for sale with Royal LePage Performance Realty, your property will be launched on the popular MLS® listings website, where it will be sent exclusively to interested buyers. It will also be featured on the company website, and your sales representative will ensure your home is advertised in various other online media outlets. You can have peace of mind knowing that your sales representative is arranging the viewings of your property and will be there to answer any of your questions.


A Royal LePage Realtor will help you when the right buyer comes along, reviewing the offer of purchase with you and helping to negotiate the best price. Selling a home is a large transaction, and your sales representative can help guide you through the process. They can help to arrange the deposit, the inspections of the property, and any follow-up paperwork that may be required for the sale. You can trust your Realtor® to ensure the closing process is smooth.


Emotions vs. Realities

Many sellers find selling their home to be a highly emotional experience. Whether you live in a single family house in Kanata or in a condo apartment downtown, your home is where you spend your free time, where you raise your family, and in some cases it’s even where you work. A home is a collection of memories and the investment you have put into it is far larger than just what appears on paper.


There are many complications that can arise as a result of this emotional roller coaster. You may not even know where to begin when it comes time to decide on a list price or hire a photographer. A Royal LePage sales representative can help you navigate your way through the important decisions related to your real estate transaction, while always understanding your emotional investment in your home.


Our sales representatives are able to view your home objectively and work to serve your interests all at the same time. They can offer updated Ottawa market comparables to show you exactly what your home is worth, and help with organizing your house and preparing it for showings. Your Royal LePage Realtor® can help you find the right balance to ensure that your home continues to reflect your personal style while still remaining appealing to almost any potential buyer.


Because of the significant emotional investment involved when you sell your house, your sales representative will also help arrange all the final details of your sale and they can even help you find your next home. Your agency agreement ensures that your Realtor® is working to protect your interests throughout the sale process. You can relax knowing that we care about getting you the best value for your home, and we understand that the total value is about much more than the profit.


Marketing and Showing

There’s a lot more to marketing your home than just putting a “For Sale” sign on the lawn. You’ve invested your time and money into your house and you want to be sure that your listing is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible. When you list your home with Royal LePage Performance Realty, our sales representatives take every measure to ensure your home is advertised effectively.


Your Realtor® has an extensive network of real estate sales representatives in the Ottawa area, all of whom have active buyers searching for their next home. Your listing will be launched on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) system where it will be automatically sent to buyers who may be interested, and it will also be available on the MLS® public website, It will also appear as a featured listing on the Royal LePage website.


Your sales representative will create promotional materials displaying the photographs and highlighting the best features of your property, and will distribute these to their real estate networks and offices in Ottawa and beyond. You can also discuss other newspaper, magazine and online marketing plans with your Realtor®. Videos, slideshows and property-specific websites can all be created to help you sell your home. All marketing is done under the widely-recognized Royal LePage brand, a company that has been a trusted name in real estate for decades.


Royal LePage Performance Realty sales representatives have access to exclusive online tracking systems to keep you informed as to how well your listing is being received online.  Your Realtor® can let you know how many times your videos and slideshows have been viewed, or how many people have clicked to visit your MLS® listing.


At Royal LePage, your sales representative will also help you get your home looking its best. What type of property are you listing – is it a downtown duplex, a detached house in the Glebe or a condo in the west end? Showing your home depends on the type of property you’re selling. We can provide you with checklists to ensure you have everything covered, from curb appeal to the ideal staging strategy for your home. Your Realtor® can help offer objective insight to transform your house or condo, allowing it to become appealing to nearly any potential buyer who will walk through your front door.


You can relax knowing that your home will remain secure during showings. You can choose whether or not you’d like to be present for showings, and you can take comfort knowing that only registered Realtors® will be bringing their clients into your home. If a sales representative from outside the Ottawa region is scheduled for a showing, we will confirm their registration status in advance.


Your sales representative will also take the measures necessary to ensure that showings are scheduled and confirmed in an efficient and time-sensitive manner, ensuring you’ll have nothing to worry about when the first showing is booked. They will be there to answer any questions you may have about the agents and clients who have viewed your home, how many showings have been scheduled, or what feedback there may be following the appointments.


Accepting an Offer

Receiving an offer on your home can be an exciting moment. Whether you’ve just had your first offer come in, or you have seen an offer come and go before, a level of anticipation follows every time. With so many details to consider, it’s important to consult your Realtor® whenever you receive an offer. Your Royal LePage sales representative will review the agreement with you to ensure that the potential buyer has made a fair offer that does not leave out any detail that may be important to you.


The sales representatives at Royal LePage Performance Realty are trained to help you understand the details of any offer you receive; they can even recommend a lawyer to you if you don’t already have one, who can help explain the legal terms of the contract in more detail. Your Realtor® will take every measure to ensure your home sells to the right buyer for the right price, at terms you are comfortable with. It is the responsibility of your agent to ensure that your interests are being protected and that when it does come time to sign an agreement, you are getting the fairest and best value for your house or condo.


Your sales representative will be in contact with the real estate agent for the buyer at any time, and will make sure to keep the lines of communication open. You can trust your Realtor® to provide you with honest and timely feedback throughout the process of the sale. If you feel unsatisfied with the first offer you receive, your Realtor® will use their negotiating skills to ensure you can reach an agreement with the buyer. You can find comfort in the fact that your agent is representing your interests and will be there to answer any questions you might have.


Preparing to Close

Once all the final arrangements have been made and you’ve accepted your offer, you now have to prepare for the closing date. Your closing date is usually the day that you will be moving out of your house, but in some cases it may simply be the day that you transfer possession of the home over to the new owners. Many sellers prefer to be moved out of their home prior to their closing date. There are many final details that need to be in place before your house or condo can close, and your Royal LePage Realtor® can help you ensure that you don’t miss any important dates.


Before the offer can be considered complete, the buyer may request a home inspection, an appraisal, or time to secure their financing. Your Royal LePage Realtor® will help explain any outstanding conditions to you and make you aware as soon as they are fulfilled. They will also help answer any questions you may have about transferring your title. As a seller, it’s your responsibility to ensure that everything you agreed to in the original offer is taken care of by the closing date. This may include major repairs or improvements to the home, or just a few small updates. Your real estate agent will keep you updated during this time, and remain available should you have any questions. With the help of a Royal LePage sales representative, you can expect everything to be processed smoothly and efficiently leading up to and on your closing date.


If you need to start the search for your next home, your agent can assist with that as well – even if you’ll be moving out of the Ottawa area. It can seem overwhelming to look for a new house while still in the process of selling your current home, but our sales representatives hold years of experience helping their clients make this transition.


Next Steps

Selling a home is an emotional time for most people. When the time comes to list a house, condo or investment property on the real estate market, the process can appear more overwhelming than it actually needs to be. The sales representatives at Royal LePage Performance Realty have the experience in Ottawa and the market knowledge to answer any of the questions you may have. They have the necessary tools and training to ensure your home is priced right and advertised effectively under the Royal LePage brand and on MLS, where it can be exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.


Your Royal LePage Realtor will help guide you through the process from the day that the sign goes on your lawn right up until the day you move out of your house. You can relax knowing that your sales representative is always available to keep you updated and informed and that your interests are protected every step of the way. Your Realtor will gladly help you search for your next house or condo if you are looking to buy at the same time. Whatever your needs may be, we have an experienced sales representative available who can help you.


If you’d like more detailed information, or to speak with a sales representative, please contact us directly! If you’re thinking about selling your home, you can also request a free market evaluation of your home, with no obligation to you.


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